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Welcome to Hope Medical Supply

Established in 1941, Hope Medical Supply has been serving patients and the medical community for more than 70 years. We are an independently owned and operated provider of home medical equipment and supplies. Third party accredited since 1996, we are an approved and licensed provider for Medicare, Medicaid, military, private and commercial insurance health plans. Hope Medical Supply is HUB Certified by the State of Texas to provide medical equipment and supplies.

Hope Medical Supply specializes in intermittent catheters for adult and pediatric self-cath users. We offer all types of urinary catheters: straight tip catheters, coude tip catheters, and catheter kits or catheters with insertion supplies. We carry a wide variety of catheters such as pediatric catheters, red rubber catheters, hydrophilic catheters, antibacterial catheters, antibacterial hydrophilic catheters, silicone catheters, Coude tip catheters, olive tip catheters, Tiemann tip catheters, closed system catheters, closed system catheters with kits, and closed system catheters with insertion supplies. Hope Medical Supply customers have the option of enrolling in a convenient catheter home delivery program so that supplies are delivered to the home on time every month. We offer all major brands of catheters from the following manufacturers: Astra Tech, Bard, Coloplast, Cure, MTG, Rochester, Rusch, and more!

Hope Medical Supply also offers a wide range of home medical and mobility equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, rollators, hospital beds, bath safety equipment, enteral nutrition pumps, vacuum erection devices, TENS units. Our respiratory department provides CPAPs, BiPAPs, home oxygen concentrators, nebulizers, and suction machines. Hope Medical Supply’s rehab department is directed by a RESNA-certified ATP and provides customized power wheelchairs, custom manual wheelchairs, custom and specialty pediatric medical equipment, ultra lightweight wheelchairs, tilt in space wheelchairs, scooters, patient standers, and pediatric hospital beds. In addition to a full range of home medical equipment and supplies, we also offer bariatric and pediatric options. Please see our online catalog for examples of the types of home medical equipment and supplies we provide. More specialty items are available by special order.

A note about Medicare's competitive bidding program: Hope Medical Supply is a Medicare provider for intermittent catheters and a category of mobility equipment called "complex rehab". Complex rehab includes customized manual wheelchairs and high end power wheelchairs for individuals with mobility deficits due to neurological diagnoses, myopathy, or musculoskeletal diagnoses. A few examples of these diagnoses are multiple sclerosis (MS), Spina Bifida, cerebral palsy, ALS, muscular dystrophy, quadriplegia, paraplegia, and hemiplegia. Hope Medical Supply is a Medicare Complex Rehab provider; however, we are not a Medicare competitive bid supplier for basic medical equipment items such as: walkers, rollators, canes, crutches, bedside commodes, hospital beds, low air loss mattresses, enteral nutrition, oxygen equipment, CPAPs or BiPAPs, standard/basic manual wheelchairs, or standard/basic Scooters. Medicare beneficiaries in need of these items and wishing to bill Medicare for these items must utilize a competitive bid supplier. A list of competitive bid suppliers in your area can be found by typing in your zip code at

Bullet - ArrowsPower Wheelchairs & Custom Medical Equipment

Power Wheelchairs with Power Seating, Ultra Lightweight Chairs, Custom Power Chairs, Custom Manual Chairs, Tilt In Space Wheelchairs, Custom Molded Seating Systems, Tilt & Recline Chairs, Patient Standers, Custom Shower Chairs, Pediatric Hospital Beds, Custom Pediatric Strollers, Custom Car Seats, Auto Lifts, Auto Manual Controls and Stair Lift Systems

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Bullet - ArrowsUrological Supplies: Intermittent Catheters

Intermittent Catheters, Straight Tip Catheters, Coude Tip Catheters, Red Rubber Catheters, Hydrophilic Catheters, Closed System Catheters, Closed System Catheters with Kits / Insertion Supplies, Catheters with Customized Insertion supplies, External Catheters, Catheter Trays and Care Kits

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Bullet - Arrows Scooters and Accessories

Portable Scooters, Three and Four-wheel Scooters, Portable Ramps and Scooter Lifts

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Bullet - Arrows Incontinence Supplies

Adult Diapers, Briefs & Pullups, Underpads, Personal Cleansing Wipes and Bowel Management Supplies

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Bullet - Arrows Enteral Nutrition

Patient Feeding Pumps, Accessories and Supplies, Enteral Nutrition, Adult and Pediatric Stationary and Portable Equipment

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Bullet - Arrows Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen Concentrators, Liquid Oxygen Systems, Portable Systems and Oxygen Conserving Devices

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Bullet - Arrows Respiratory Equipment

Nebulizer Compressors - Pedi and Adult Aspirators – Suction Equipment Percussors

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Bullet - Arrows Sleep Disorder Therapy

CPAP – Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Units, CPAP Pillows, BiPAP – Bi-level Positive Airway Pressure Units, Complete Line of Accessories & Supplies and Humidification – Heated or Cool

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Bullet - Arrows General Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

Wheelchairs-Manual, Lightweight, Heavy Duty, Power Adult, Pediatric, Youth, Reclining Wheelchairs Rollators, Walkers, Canes Vacuum Erection Devices, TENS Units and Lift Chairs

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Bullet - Arrows Hospital Beds and Accessories

Hospital Beds & Siderails, Bedside (3-in-1) Commodes, Mattress Gel Overlays, Overbed Tables, Trapeze Bars, Traction Equipment, Air Loss Mattresses and Patient Lifts

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Bullet - Arrows Bath Safety

Shower Benches, Tub Transfer Benches, Toilet Safety Rails, Elevated Toilet Seats, Wall or Tub Mounted Grab Bars, Handheld Shower Attachments and Patient Bath Lifts

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Bullet - Arrows Bariatric

Wheelchairs, Hospital Beds and Siderails, Alternating Pressure Mattresses, Trapeze Bars, Commode Chairs; Tub Transfer Benches, Walkers and Rollators

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